Readers Poll 2023: Paulina “Pau” Villarreal Vélez Wins “Up and Coming”

The winner of the “Up and Coming” category in Modern Drummer‘s 2023 Readers Poll is… Paulina “Pau” Villarreal Vélez!

Villareal Vélez and her rock band The Warning made a major impression throughout the last year. With her sisters by her side, Pau contributed memorable drum parts to the band’s 2022 album Error and treated fans to electrifying shows across the globe, with dozens more set to come.

Of course, The Warning themselves have become wildly popular across the globe, bringing their signature rock jams to venues everywhere. But the last year has found them shoulder to shoulder with rock royalty; they’re currently wrapping up dates opening for Guns N’ Roses, they’ve opened for Muse, Foo Fighters, and Three Days Grace, and they’re billed higher than ever at dozens of rock festivals around the world. It’s clear that The Warning are on the precipice of ubiquitous rock stardom, and a great deal of it is due to Pau’s energetic, versatile drumming. At just 21 years old, Villareal Vélez is making a significant name for herself, and re-establishing the importance of a dynamic, powerful rhythm section in a rock band.

The 2023 Modern Drummer Readers Poll marks Pau Villarreal Vélez’s first appearance in Modern Drummer, beating out Daniel Fang, Savanah Harris, Garrett P. Tyler, and Mark Whitfield Jr. to win the “Up and Coming” category. Advertisement

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