Tony Williams

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Carl Canedy of The Rods

Hi MD Readers! I’ve never been much of a self-promoter, as it’s always felt a bit self-serving. Having said that, I’m so thrilled to be doing this for MD (my favorite magazine for decades), so I’m going to make the…

Modern Drummer
Jul 30, 2019

Modern Drummer Podcast Episode 109: Tony Williams’ Innovations, Developing Dynamics, HeadHunters Hybrid Rods, and More

In this episode, Mike and Mike discuss legendary jazz drummer Tony Williams and some of his techniques and concepts that shaped the way we play drums today. The education segment focuses on different ways to give your drumming more depth…

Modern Drummer
Sep 15, 2017

Product Close-Up: DW Jazz Series Cherry/Gum Bebop Drumset (From April 2015)

The following review was originally published in the April 2015 issue of Modern Drummer, available here. Product Close-Up DW Jazz Series Cherry/Gum Bebop Drumset Warm but punchy. Strong but controlled. Could this be a perfect pairing? DW’s Jazz series has…

Modern Drummer
Apr 10, 2015

Shaun Foist

Hello, fellow drummers! My name is Shaun Foist, and I’ve been playing drums for nineteen years. I got started at around age ten, when my father showed me how to play. About six months later he encouraged me to enter…

Modern Drummer
Mar 5, 2012

LaMel Randolph of Lionize

Hello, MD readers! My name is LaMel Randolph; I play drums in the band Lionize, based out of Silver Spring, Maryland. This year we released our latest album, Destruction Manuel, we played the Warped tour and Bonnaroo Festival, and we’re…

Modern Drummer
Sep 6, 2011

Tony Williams: The Game Changer

  One of the most influential, inspiring, and spontaneous forces in jazz, Tony Williams remains a classic example of artistry transcending technical analysis. In the October 2011 issue of Modern Drummer magazine, writer Jeff Potter explains Tony’s genius and influence,…

Modern Drummer
Aug 18, 2011

Daniel Denis of Univers Zero

Hello, Modern Drummers, Daniel Denis here. This past September, my band Univers Zero performed its second concert in the USA, in Washington D.C. The first time was in 2004, at NEARfest in Pennsylvania. As happens every time and everywhere else,…

Modern Drummer
Nov 2, 2010

Daniel Crean of Semi Precious Weapons

My name is Daniel Crean. I was born beside a train station. All my clothes are stolen. These truths factor in to why I play really loud. To get ready for my shows, I drink and pretend Danny Richmond just…

Modern Drummer
Aug 8, 2010

Bill Laswell: Famed Bassist/Producer

Mention any major drummer of the past forty years, and Bill Laswell has shared a stage, studio, or rhythm section with him or her. Here the bassist/producer/remix engineer gives us his personal impressions of Tony Williams, Ginger Baker, Elvin Jones,…

Modern Drummer
May 8, 2010

Vinson Valega: New York City Jazzer

Hey there, MD readers! Thanks so much for checking out this blog entry. I’m happy to give a big shout-out from the New York City jazz scene, which is still going strong and attracting the most amazing musicians from all…

Modern Drummer
Apr 9, 2010