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Daniel Crean of Semi Precious Weapons

Daniel Crean of Semi Precious Weapons : Modern Drummer Drummer BlogMy name is Daniel Crean. I was born beside a train station. All my clothes are stolen. These truths factor in to why I play really loud. To get ready for my shows, I drink and pretend Danny Richmond just stabbed me with a pocketknife. I have a large collection of drums and cymbals. I hate playing a lot of drums and cymbals. I want my kit to look and sound like a hobo fire can. Music is beautiful.

I spent years in a basement hitting round things. I went to music school and stalked “Tain” Watts and Jim Black. I drove around in a murder van for years. I used to have a cat but I had to give him away. Now we are on the Monster Ball tour with Lady Gaga. We play very loud.

Listen to Tony Williams on “Nefertiti” because it is beautiful. Listen to Morton Feldman’s “Rothko Chapel” because it is beautiful. Listen to Levon Helm on “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” because it is beautiful.

Stop reading this and go make sounds.

For more visit www.myspace.com/semipreciousweapons


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