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Vic Firth: 1930 to 2015

Vic Firth Modern Drummer was saddened to hear of the passing of Vic Firth. The following profile on the performing and manufacturing giant, written by Lauren Vogel Weiss, first appeared in the July 2013 issue of Drum Business magazine.  …

Modern Drummer
Jul 28, 2015

What You Need to Know About...Mallets

This article originally ran in the July/Aug 2012 issue of Drum Business.   by Ben Meyer   “Which one is the xylophone”? “How do I tell where the notes are”? “Are these the right mallets”? Those are just a few…

Modern Drummer
Feb 17, 2015

Showroom: Mike Balter Titanium Series Mallets

The Titanium series is a crossover concept that allows a player to use the same mallet on both vibes and marimba. Each model is said to produce a big, full fundamental with great overtones and allows the player to jump…

Modern Drummer
Jan 1, 2015

News: Big Band Debuts New Website for Ahead Products

A year in the making, the new Ahead website is designed with a fresh look, user-friendly navigation, and updated information on all Ahead products and artists. Viewers can now find information on old and new Ahead products, including drumsticks, mallets,…

Modern Drummer
Nov 19, 2014

Grover Pro now offering colored ChromaTone timpani mallets.

The colored felts of ChromaTone seamless timpani mallets are molded to a solid core. The mating of the core to the lightweight bamboo handles moves the center of gravity forward, which is said to produce a round sonority with greater…

Modern Drummer
Aug 8, 2014

Mike Balter Mallets' President Awarded Doctor of Music Degree

Mike Balter, president of Mike Balter Mallets, was awarded a doctor of music degree and delivered the commencement address for the VanderCook College of Music’s Graduate Program. VanderCook College of Music, located in Chicago, IL, is dedicated to preparing musicians…

Modern Drummer
Aug 4, 2014

Malletech Featured on How It’s Made TV Show

Malletech, a manufacturer of high-end, professional marimbas, vibes, xylophones, bells, mallets, and drumsticks, will be featured on the long-running TV show How It’s Made. The episode will air in the U.S. on Thursday, May 23, at 9 p.m. EST, on…

Modern Drummer
May 13, 2013

Jason Reeves’ Billy Hawn

Hello fellow drummers, percussionists, and noise and ear candy makers! 2011 is off to an exciting start for me as I prepare for a short radio promo tour followed by rehearsals and tours throughout the year with singer-songwriter Jason Reeves.…

Modern Drummer
Apr 21, 2011