Mike Balter Mallets’ President Awarded Doctor of Music Degree

Michael Balter VandercookMike Balter, president of Mike Balter Mallets, was awarded a doctor of music degree and delivered the commencement address for the VanderCook College of Music’s Graduate Program. VanderCook College of Music, located in Chicago, IL, is dedicated to preparing musicians to become music educators in instrumental, choral, and general music disciplines.

Dr. Michael H. Balter shared these thoughts with his fellow graduates at commencement:

“Music is truly a universal language. I only wish that this country had the passion, intensity, and drive for music that it has for sports, especially football and basketball. Talk about putting a team together, having team spirit, bringing home a winner, and being part of something very special. Coming together as one! We know that something special happens everyday in the music department.

“What has music done for me? What will music do for your students? Music teaches one self-discipline, concentration, responsibility, creativity, time management, self-confidence, determination, self-motivation, non-verbal communication skills, and the ability to listen. Advertisement

“You will have the power to mold young minds. You will be able to engage your students that they will believe in themselves and that they can do anything once they put their mind to it. You will be shaping their future. Regardless of what road they take you will be preparing them for something very important: Life Itself!

“In conclusion, every commencement address should offer words of wisdom and leave you with something profound. With that said, the future of music education is in your hands. In order to ensure the future of good, quality music do not let your students, relatives, nor friends clap on 1 & 3.”

For more information about Mike Balter Mallets, visit: @mikebalter