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Boso Bamboo Drumsticks Introduces New Fixed Handle Wire Brushes

Boso Drumsticks recently released new Natural 5A and Strata 5A fixed handle wire brushes. By layering natural and compressed bamboo, using a method Boso calls “Strata Technology,” Boso is able to mimic the density of hickory to produce bamboo sticks…

Modern Drummer
Aug 26, 2014

Sabian Releases Fast Hat Pocket Cymbal Bags To Speed Up Set-Up and Tear-Down

Making it faster for a drummer to get in and out of a gig is the focus of this new cymbal bag collection from Sabian. The bags feature the patent pending Fast Hat Pocket. With this special front pocket and…

Modern Drummer
Aug 15, 2014

Grover Pro now offering colored ChromaTone timpani mallets.

The colored felts of ChromaTone seamless timpani mallets are molded to a solid core. The mating of the core to the lightweight bamboo handles moves the center of gravity forward, which is said to produce a round sonority with greater…

Modern Drummer
Aug 8, 2014

Porter and Davies partners with Precision Devices for its drum monitoring systems.

Photography by Paul Demuth   Porter and Davies has partnered with Precision Devices to produce its tactile transducers, which will be installed in all drum monitoring models to give them a greater frequency response range. The new design offers a…

Modern Drummer
Aug 7, 2014

Drumfire DHB6500 hardware bag holds up to eight stands.

The DHB6500 bag holds hardware for a standard five-piece kit. Up to eight stands or mounts fit into its large foam-lined main compartment, which features a collapsible divider to help keep things organized. Tethered oversized zippers and a span of…

Modern Drummer
Aug 6, 2014

Liverpool Special Grip Abiurana and Luminous Abiurana Drumsticks Now Available Through American Recorder Technologies

Abiurana, also known as Brazilian maple, is a tropical hardwood that is grown in ecologically sustainable forest. The forest’s moist climate produces wood rich with long and dense fibers, giving these stick improved feel and power. The Special Grip Abiurana…

Modern Drummer
Aug 5, 2014

Ahead Armor electronic drumkit case and new stick bags!

The Ahead Armor Ogio rolling 38" hardware case features an insert for protective transportation and storage of an electronic drumkit. Adjustable dividers can be positioned to fit electronic pads, bass drum, and brain. The Ahead Armor Stick and Mallet Tower…

Modern Drummer
Jul 31, 2014

Protect your hearing! Check out Direct Sound Extreme Isolation headphones.

Made in the USA, Direct Sound Extreme Isolation headphones are comfortable and provide two levels of hearing protection. The EX-29 model offers a noise reduction rating of 29 dB and weighs 11.5 ounces. Available in black and white, these headphones…

Modern Drummer
Jul 30, 2014

Rhythm House Drums’ Eco-Friendly Hand Drums

Located outside Charlotte, North Carolina, RHD specializes in custom-made hand drums that are build from locally felled lumber and are designed in an eco-friendly manner to reduce waste. The company offers djembes, ashiko drums, and sets of dunun. RHD also…

Modern Drummer
Jul 25, 2014

Los Cabos now offering Jive and Swing sticks for jazz drummers and additional white hickory nylon-tip models.

The Jive and the Swing drumsticks were designed for jazz musicians. The Swing model features an elongated oval tip that is said to deliver depth and tone from drums and cymbals. It measures .566"x16.29". The Jive model features a ball…

Modern Drummer
Jul 21, 2014

New Starclassic Performer Birch/Bubinga EFX Series and Silverstar Cocktail Jam Kits From Tama

The Starclassic Performer Birch/Bubinga EFX line offers new finish options in Vintage Nickel Sparkle, Vintage Green Sparkle, and Charcoal Onyx (shown). Said to combine the crisp punch and warm lows of birch/bubinga shells with die-cast hoops and low-mass lugs with…

Modern Drummer
Jul 11, 2014

Meinl Introduces Classics Custom Dark Hi-Hats and Dark Crashes!

Following the release of the Classics Custom Dark ride, Meinl cymbals introduces the Classics Custom Dark hi-hat and Dark crashes. The 14" Dark hi-hat has a bright and warm stick response combined with a tight and pronounced chick sound. The…

Modern Drummer
Jul 7, 2014

RBH Monarch Series Now Available With Exotic Veneers

RBH Drums has added exotic veneers to its Monarch series drums, including bird’s-eye maple with cherry inlay, cherry interior veneer, and cherry reinforcing hoops, that are said to produce a slightly brighter tone and moderately sharper attack than the standard…

Modern Drummer
Jun 25, 2014

Innovative Percussion Legacy Series Drumsticks

Innovative Percussion introduced seven new drumset models into the Legacy Series this year. Measuring .580"x16" and .630"x16", the hickory models with wood tips list for $15.25. Hickory with nylon tips list for $16.50. Maple models are also available with wood…

Modern Drummer
Jun 24, 2014