LIVERPOOL-LUMINOUS-ABIURANA-IMAGELiverpool Special Grip Abiurana and Luminous Abiurana Drumsticks Now Available Through American Recorder Technologies

Abiurana, also known as Brazilian maple, is a tropical hardwood that is grown in ecologically sustainable forest. The forest’s moist climate produces wood rich with long and dense fibers, giving these stick improved feel and power.

The Special Grip Abiurana drumstick has a traditional size with a rubber anti-slip wrap that provides a firm and comfortable grip, making them ideal for playing in wet environments or for players with excessive sweat.

The Luminous Abiurana drumstick is painted with high-visibility luminous paint. The sticks stand out under traditional ultraviolet black light, making them ideal for highlighting drum showmanship during live performances. Luminous sticks are offered in neon orange and neon green.

Special Grip and Luminous drumsticks are available in 2B, 5A, 5B, and 7B sizes with wood tips. All are made in Brazil.

Liverpool is a Brazilian manufacturing company that specializes in drumsticks made from sustainable Brazilian hardwoods. Brazilian hardwood drumsticks are denser than hickory sticks and are said to offer a solid feel and more control and power.

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