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On The Beat with DW Founder Don Lombardi: Remembering Buddy and His DW Kit

Hello everyone! I loved the timeline tribute MD did on Buddy Rich in the September 2017 issue. One hundred years from now drummers will still be learning and be amazed by his mastery of the instrument. After reading, it got…

Modern Drummer
Oct 26, 2017

Sheila E Pays Homage to Prince With New Ultra-Custom DW Drumset

Sheila E played a one-of-a-kind DW custom kit as part of a special musical celebration honoring Prince at the BET Awards, June 26 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. As a personal tribute to Prince, the drummer/percussionist played a…

Modern Drummer
Jun 30, 2016

DW Drums at NAMM 2015 (VIDEO)

In this video from NAMM 2015, a trio of DW employees, Rich Sikra, Ruben Steinhauser, and Beto Benitez, takes us on a tour through many of the company’s new offerings in hardware, drumsets, snares, and accessories. New to the MDD…

Modern Drummer
Feb 2, 2015

Drum Workshop Purchases Latin Percussion, Toca Percussion, Gretsch Drums, Gibraltar Hardware, and KAT Percussion from Fender’s KMC Subsidiary

Drum Workshop, Inc. and Fender Musical Instruments have finalized an asset sale agreement to purchase owned and licensed percussion brands from Fender’s KMC subsidiary, including Latin Percussion, Toca Percussion, Gretsch Drums, Gibraltar Hardware, and KAT Percussion. Ovation Guitars and exclusive…

Modern Drummer
Jan 7, 2015

Drum Daze 2014 Columbus, Ohio

Modern Drummer Publications and Columbus Pro Percussion are teaming up to create one amazing drumming day. On Sunday, March 30th, some of the biggest names in drumming will come together for an afternoon you won’t forget. But what is Drum Daze?…

Modern Drummer
Mar 21, 2014

VIDEO - Peter Criss Modern Drummer Web Exclusive

      Peter Criscuola, a founding member of Kiss, AKA Peter “Catman” Criss and one of rock’s influential drumming legends, will be respectfully acknowledged April 2014, when he and bandmates Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, and Ace Frehley are inducted…

Modern Drummer
Feb 19, 2014

VIDEO - In the Studio With Actor/Drummer Michael Chiklis

    In this video, drummer/actor Michael Chiklis takes Modern Drummer into his state-of-the art recording studio and performance space, which will be the hub for all his musical projects in the future. MD sat down for a two-part series…

Modern Drummer
Feb 7, 2014

VIDEO - Part 3: Paul McCartney Drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. Interview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNGs94fOQI8 “Helter Skelter” In part three of our web exclusive interview, MD contributor Cam Patterson speaks with Abe Laboriel Jr. about how he balanced gigs with Sting and McCartney and what it was like playing the Concert For New York.…

Modern Drummer
Dec 16, 2013

VIDEO - Part 2: Paul McCartney Drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. Interview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inNwIUaicWc “Maybe I’m Amazed” In part two of our web exclusive interview, Modern Drummer contributor Cam Patterson speaks with Paul McCartney drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. about his famous bass-playing dad, Abe Sr., and we have more with drum tech Paul Davies.…

Modern Drummer
Dec 9, 2013

VIDEO - Part 1: Paul McCartney Drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. Interview

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cwm6W6MDYMM “Let Me Roll It” In part one of our web exclusive interview, MD contributor Cam Patterson speaks with Abe about life on the road and growing up with different genres of music in his household, and we have an…

Modern Drummer
Dec 4, 2013

Eric Moore of Suicidal Tendencies and T.R.A.M.

Hello, Modern Drummer readers. First off, I want to say that it is an honor to be in this publication. My name is Eric Moore and I am an endorser of DW drums, Pro-Mark drumsticks, Aquarian drumheads, and Octagon cymbals.…

Modern Drummer
Mar 12, 2012

Joe Connolly of Gunnar & the Grizzly Boys

What up, Modern Drummer family! I can’t tell you how excited I was when asked to be a part of the blog. I have been reading Modern Drummer since I was twelve years old! Hope you enjoy getting to know…

Modern Drummer
Jan 22, 2012


Zoro: Big-Picture Thinking for Success—the Power of Vision My mom gave me my first drumset as a Christmas gift when I was nine years old. The cost of the kit was only $9.99, and it had paper heads. I was…

Modern Drummer
Sep 23, 2011

Jason McDonald of Strange Karma

Greetings, fellow Modern Drummer fanatics! My name is Jason McDonald, and I’m from Sydney, Australia. It’s an honor to be invited to blog here on MD’s website, especially when you consider that over the years I have managed to collect…

Modern Drummer
Jul 20, 2011