VIDEO – In the Studio With Actor/Drummer Michael Chiklis



In this video, drummer/actor Michael Chiklis takes Modern Drummer into his state-of-the art recording studio and performance space, which will be the hub for all his musical projects in the future. MD sat down for a two-part series with Chiklis at his home studio in Los Angeles, CA. Actress/drummer Pam Manganaro, together with MD videographer/photographer Alex Solca, filmed Michael sharing his passion about drums, the studio, music, and more.

When most people hear the name Michael Chiklis, an outstanding and engaging actor comes to mind. His first successful role was Anthony “Tony” J. Scali in the police comedy/drama The Commish for ABC TV. Chiklis went on to win both an Emmy and a Golden Globe for Best Lead Actor for his portrayal of detective Vic Mackey in The Shield. He also starred in the movie Fantastic Four as the Thing and has done voice and guest starring roles in numerous television shows and movies.

Though mostly known for his acting and achievements in television and film, Chiklis is also an extraordinary musician. “I was a musician my whole life growing up and particularly a drummer,” he says. His mother was an opera singer and his father was a lover of jazz. “Our house was filled with music. My father loved Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson, and Gene Krupa. Particularly, Buddy Rich fascinated me. I thought he was such a great show man in addition to being a great drummer,” he says. Advertisement

When asked today who his favorite drummers are, “Vinny Colaiuta, Neil Peart, and Prairie Prince” are in the top three. In addition to being a talented drummer, Michael is a singer and multi-instrumentalist. Chiklis and his best friend from high school, producer and guitar player Bob Pascarella, have formed the Michael Chiklis Band, and they have since released five singles over the last three years including their first single, “Till I Come Home,” a tribute song to the soldiers overseas. The song is critically acclaimed worldwide and was used in the number-one TV series Modern Family.


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Interview by Pam Manganaro
Video by Alex Solca