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Love For Levon: A Benefit To Save The Barn

DVDS (2) LEVEL: ALL $24.99 When Levon Helm left us last year, mourners hoped to preserve his legacy by sustaining the Barn. In this beloved venue, Levon hosted the Midnight Rambles, where top musicians gathered for homespun concerts in a…

Modern Drummer
Sep 24, 2013

Joe Mccarthy’s Afro-Cuban Big Band Play-Along Series, Volume II

DVD LEVEL: ADVANCED $19.95 Discussing skills development, McCarthy sites “concentration” as an additional “limb” that requires equal exercise. And, man, this drummer’s fifth limb is muscle-bound. McCarthy’s astonishing independence and disciplined groove focus are a thrill to behold. Showcasing his…

Modern Drummer
Sep 12, 2013

Sublime 3 Ring Circus: Live at the Palace, October 21, 1995

Sublime is that rare band that enjoyed most of its success and acclaim after breaking up. Following the death by heroin overdose of vocalist and guitarist Bradley Nowell on May 25, 1996, the remaining members, drummer Bud Gaugh and bassist…

Modern Drummer
Jul 16, 2013

Bruce Becker

Greetings, fellow drummers. Bruce Becker here. I am currently residing in Los Angeles and have been recording and gigging with my brother David for thirty years. I am very involved in teaching as well. I spent a long period of…

Modern Drummer
May 29, 2013

The Afro-Peruvian Percussion Ensemble: From the Cajon to the Drum Set

BOOK/DVD LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED $30 Recording artist and educator Hector Morales has contributed a rich and concise new look at an under-covered topic. A valuable addition to the library of world percussion, The Afro-Peruvian Percussion Ensemble provides us with…

Modern Drummer
May 12, 2013

Derek Roddy Playing With Your Drums

DVD LEVEL: ALL $12.99 On this indispensable DVD subtitled, A Visual Guide to Personalizing Your Setup, extreme drumming maven Derek Roddy offers the knowledge you need before you attempt to play his infamous blast beats—or any beats, for that matter.…

Modern Drummer
Apr 23, 2013

Ringo at the Ryman

A DVD of Ringo and his All Starr’s performance at Nashville’s historic Ryman, is being released March 19, 2013. Ringo Starr is a living legend whose contribution to the roots of rock and roll is immeasurable, not only as a…

Modern Drummer
Feb 21, 2013

Jethro Tull Thick As a Brick (Collector’s Edition)

  CD/DVD Don’t say I didn’t warn you: If you take your copy of the new Collector’s Edition CD/Audio DVD of Jethro Tull’s 1972 studio album Thick As a Brick to work and pop it into your computer, you’re going…

Modern Drummer
Nov 19, 2012


BOOK/DVD LEVEL: ADVANCED $19.99 If you’re familiar with the adventurous music that NYC drummer Ari Hoenig makes with his band as well as with the modernistic pianists Kenny Werner and Jean-Michel Pilc, then you know that Hoenig’s a wizard when…

Modern Drummer
Oct 5, 2012


DVDS LEVEL: ALL $14.99 EACH The Ultimate Drum Lessons series cherry-picks highlights from across the extensive Hudson DVD catalog, bringing students a “best of” playlist from a generous grouping of today’s masters. The two newest collections continue to enlighten. With…

Modern Drummer
Sep 28, 2012

Led Zeppelin 2007 Reunion Concert Out Soon in Multiple Video and Audio formats

On December 10, 2007, founding Led Zeppelin members John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant, joined by late Zep drummer John Bonham’s son Jason, headlined a concert at London’s O2 Arena in tribute to their dear friend, Atlantic Records…

Modern Drummer
Sep 13, 2012

Bass Drum Technique By Colin Bailey

  DVD LEVEL: ALL $24.99 Aspiring drummers of all ages should note that jazzman Colin Bailey has transferred knowledge from his acclaimed book, Bass Drum Control, to video. Beneath Bailey’s mild-mannered British accent lurks a monster right foot. The lessons…

Modern Drummer
Jun 5, 2012

The Brush Secret: How to Apply Your Own Voice to the Brushes by Florian Alexandru-Zorn

  DVD (2) LEVEL: ALL $39.99 I can usually assess the value of an educational DVD based on how quickly it causes me to reach for the remote, hit pause, and start practicing. I made it only about five minutes…

Modern Drummer
May 24, 2012

U2 Drummer Larry Mullen Jr. Appears in Theatrical Remake of The Man on the Train

Larry Mullen Jr., the founding drummer of U2, is appearing in an English-language adaptation of Patrice Leconte’s acclaimed French crime drama L’Homme du Train (The Man on the Train). The film, which also stars Donald Sutherland, represents Larry’s acting debut.…

Modern Drummer
Apr 17, 2012