Terry Chambers

drummer Terry Chambers of XTCTwenty years ago, when he walked away from the band that he helped create, drummer Terry Chambers didn’t see much future for Brit-pop innovators XTC. Leader Andy Partridge had pulled the plug on live performances, and he and bassist Colin Moulding had written a new batch of material generally unsuited to Chambers’ hard-hitting style.

After recording two songs for the follow-up to XTC’s seminal album English Settlement, Chambers moved to his wife’s native Australia and – except for a brief stint with Aussie band Dragon’turned his back on the music industry – and the drums.

Now, in a sense, Chambers is back on the drum throne. Still going strong, XTC has recently released a four-CD retrospective of its fifteen-year career with Virgin Records, titled A Coat Of Many Cupboards, which showcases his playing. And Chambers’ son, Kai, has become a well-known drummer in the Sydney/Newcastle area, most recently with power-pop trio Tone Orange.

Now making his living as a construction foreman, Chambers turned his attention to the drums again about five years ago, when Kai asked for lessons. “I warned him about life as a musician, and figured he’d get it out of his system in six months. But it never happened,” Chambers says proudly. “I’m glad, because it’s created an interest for me.”


  • Rabbithole

    They guy was a monster – too bad XTC can’t get back together….

  • paul eeee

    Terry is the one of the most-under-appreciated drummers in rock history…he never used a double-pedal.., he did not need it! HE IS A BEAST! The very definition of “in the pocket”…with a rocket! Believe me, drummers around the world, today, that drink and play hard, and play tasty,owe thanks to Mr. Terry …Don’t believe me? Drink a six pack or two…and try coordinating two feet and 2 arms in 2/4 time…and keep it!…Terry Chambers used the rock n ‘roll petrol like most drummers do…and was the most fuel-efficient! Bully, for you, mate!

  • Gaz

    and I tell you who told me they absolutely adored Terry’s drumming…Mel Gaynor…another who is no slouch when it comes to belting them out…

    Saw him live with XTC twice….amazing!