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April 2011:
April 2011 – Volume 35 • Number 4

John “JR” Robinson, Homer Steinweiss, Camille Gainer Jones, Thomas Pridgen, Scott Amendola, Jared Champion, Ismael Cancel, Roger Earl, Stacy Jones, Wells Kelly, Hal Blaine, Susie Ibarra, Tico Torres, Chris Tsagakis

September 2008:
September 2008 – Volume 32 • Number 9

Thomas Pridgen, Carl Palmer, Al Jackson Jr., Ali Jackson, Raymond Weber, Steve Gatdd, Tom Brechtlein, Eric Kretz, Zac Farro, Glen Graham, Mike Bennett, Joachim Cooder, Steve Hass, Todd Sucherman, Pat Mastelotto

December 2006:
December 2006 – Volume 30 • Number 12

Stephen Perkins, Chris McHugh, Jeff Hamilton, Adam Carson, Mark Guiliana, Paul Motian, Scott Rockenfield, Abe Fogel, Thomas Pridgen, Trevor Friedrich, Jack DeJohnette, Brian Tichy, Myles Heskett, Tony Williams, Jason McGerr, Butch Miles, Ed Shaughnessy, Bruce Gary

Posted: March 10, 2020

Category: On the Beat
Delta Rae's Mike McKee

Hello Modern Drummer! Mike McKee here and it’s an honor to be “On The Beat” for a second time.

Posted: March 28, 2019

Dan Laverde
Category: On the Beat
Dan Laverde of Mick Blankenship

Hey, everybody! First, I want to thank Modern Drummer for inviting me to be featured here “On The Beat!” Hopefully it’s the first of many more to come.

Posted: July 11, 2018

Hrafnkell Örn Guðjónsson
Category: Drummers, On the Beat
On The Beat with Hrafnkell Örn Guðjónsson of Agent Fresco: Talks Influences and Gear

Hello, Modern Drummer readers! I’m known as Keli. My real name is Hrafnkell Örn Guðjónsson, but that’s probably too Icelandic for you. I’m a drummer for the rock band Agent Fresco. Touring in Europe is always amazing. We have been blown away by the energy of the audiences and I’d …

Posted: August 9, 2017

Category: Drummers, News, News and Events, On the Beat
On the Beat with Truman Berlin of Kingdom of Giants: Talks Tours and Shares Drum Play-Through

What’s up Modern Drummer readers? My name is Truman Berlin and I’m writing from the road with my band, Kingdom of Giants. We are a six-piece group from all over Northern California playing our own unique brand of metal for the world.

Posted: January 19, 2017

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
On the Beat with Jared Evan: Talks Influences and New Album

Hey, MD! 

I’m Jared Evan and I’m a singer, songwriter, rapper, producer, and drummer. I’m twenty-six years old and have been playing the drums since I was six.

Posted: February 26, 2016

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
On the Beat With Ray Marte of Moon Tooth: Talks Influences, Improving, and Learning New Styles

Hello! There is not much that makes me happier than playing the drums. I started playing and taking lessons from Mark Edwards at South Shore Music in Massapequa, NY before I even knew how to write in cursive, or even print legibly. I still cannot do either of those things, …

Posted: December 18, 2015

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
On the Beat With Ryan Scott Long of Booker Long Duo: Interaction and Explorative Improvisation

Hi, my name is Ryan Scott Long and I’m a touring drummer and composer. Just recently my project Booker Long Duo released our self tilted EP. The duo is comprised of Michael James Booker on tenor sax/effects and myself on percussion/drums. We were lucky enough to feature one of my …

Posted: November 2, 2015

Category: Feature Stories
Dom Famularo’s Teachers List

Over the course of his forty-year career traveling the globe to teach, perform, and conduct clinics, Dom Famularo has interacted with some of the finest drummers and drum instructors in the world. The following list contains many of those names, organized by country/continent. If you’re looking for top-notch drum instruction, …

Posted: March 17, 2015

Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
News: Israeli Drum Off Finals Slated for March 23

After a long year of auditioning across the country, six qualifying drummers will compete on March 23 in Tel Aviv at the Israeli Drum Off Finals. The finalists are Yinon Elazary, Dima Belinov, Eden Bahar, Regev Ashkenazi, Yair Amster, and Roy Brum….

Posted: August 14, 2014

Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
Guitar Center’s 26th Annual Drum-Off Searches for the Nation’s Best Drummers

Guitar Center recently launched its 26th annual search for the next great drummer. Developed to inspire and support on-the-rise musicians, the Drum-Off has proven to be a launching pad for a flourishing professional career as a drummer. Past Drum-Off winners have gone on to play with Prince and Beyoncé (Cora …

Posted: December 18, 2012

Category: Clinics and Events, News, News and Events
Guitar Center’s Drum-Off Finals To Feature Live Performances By Gadd, Blackwell, Carlock, Heyward, King and More!

Guitar Center’s nationwide search for the next great undiscovered drummer has chosen the 2012 grand finalists.

Posted: April 18, 2012

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Shai Hulud’s Matt Covey

Hey guys, this is Matt Covey of Shai Hulud, the Suicide Dolls, and the Flaming Tsunamis. And the Hempsteadys. And the Franklin Brothers…and Young Pandas. About three and a half years ago, I was shocked to find myself on the road playing drums for a truly pioneering band….

Posted: April 12, 2012

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Brad Hargreaves of Third Eye Blind

Hey there! A quick update on things in my world. I’m currently working on Third Eye Blind’s fifth record, cutting drums in London; we started on my mom’s birthday, March 11. Happy birthday, Mom!…

Posted: October 6, 2011

Category: DVD/Video Reviews, Drummers, Reviews
Gospel and R&B Drumming
Hosted by Jeff Davis

Gospel/R&B great Jeff Davis hosts this informative DVD highlighting the skills and nuances of Aaron Spears, Gerald Heyward, Adam Deitch, Thomas Pridgen, and more.

Posted: October 6, 2011

Category: News, News and Events
AHEAD Armor Cases Launches New Website

To support the growing interest in their groundbreaking line of drum, cymbal, hardware and accessory cases, Ahead Armor Cases has announced the launch of a new, completely redesigned website at AheadArmorCases.com. The interactive site includes extensive information on the full line of durable, reliable, drummer-friendly cases as well as videos, …

Posted: August 3, 2011

Category: News, News and Events
Web Update News 8/11

Find out what your favorite drummer is up to now (Web Update News 7/21/11).

Posted: June 8, 2011

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Chip Ritter — All About Showmanship

Hello, Modern Drummer readers! My name is Chip Ritter and I’m a drummer/instructor from Tucson, Arizona. As long as lights are pointed at a stage, I think showmanship will continue to play a vital role in live performance. One of my earliest

Posted: February 28, 2011

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Steve Moore Checks Back In With MD

Hi everyone in MD land! Last year I had a video on YouTube titled “This Drummer Is At The Wrong Gig.??? I had struggled my entire life, when out of nowhere the video went viral. Within weeks my life had completely changed, and I was suddenly getting showered with the …

Posted: September 29, 2010

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Narada Michael Walden: Web Exclusive

by Billy Amendola More—way more—with the fusion and pop maestro. In a continuation of our interview with Narada Michael Walden from the November 2010 issue of Modern Drummer, the fusion and pop drumming/producing maestro reflects on his early days, teaching, spirituality, playing in odd time signatures, and coming full circle …

Posted: July 29, 2010

Category: Drummers, On the Beat
Mayhem Week! Chris Raines of Norma Jean

Hey, everyone! The 2010 Mayhem Festival is going by way too fast. We’re playing the Silver Star Stage with Atreyu, In This Moment, Winds Of Plague, and 3 Inches Of Blood. Everyone is super cool, and we’ve had amazing shows and crowds to start the tour. We’re playing a very …

Posted: March 22, 2010

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories
Eric Singer: Just Being Himself

For eighteen years, Kiss’s drummer has helped his world-famous band stay in our hearts and on the radio by doing what he does best—being himself. In this special online extra from his May 2010 MD cover story, we begin by asking Eric about…The Band’s Younger Fans. In 2004 we did …

Posted: January 7, 2010

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, Update
Thomas Pridgen: Buzz Inspiring

Thomas Pridgen has inspired more buzz among Modern Drummer readers than almost anyone else working today.

Posted: July 18, 2008

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, Update
Thomas Pridgen: Turning Bedlam Into Beats

Twenty-four year old Thomas Pridgen unleashes the most rabid drumming in recent memory on The Mars Volta’s The Bedlam In Goliath. Of course, the band’s fans have come to expect madness and mastery from the innovative Long Beach, California group…

Posted: November 5, 2006

Category: Drummers, Feature Stories, Update
Thomas Pridgen

At just twenty-two, Pridgen has more drumming experience than most. Growing up in California, he began drumming at the age of three, made his first recording at eight, and won the Guitar Center DrumOff at nine.

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