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August 2022:
Dan Mayo: Breaking the Norm of How Drums Sound

Dan Mayo is the definition of unique, in the best way possible. He started his musical journey at the age of three, and by the time he was six, Dan was exposed to (arguably) the best form of learning, playing with other musicians. He went from genre to genre absorbing …

June 2022:
Wiktoria Bialic: Taking Over the Scene from Every Angle

Wiktoria Bialic fell in love with music at a young age – the key word being music! She played violin until she discovered her connection to rhythm, after which she gravitated towards percussion. After 12 years of education in classical percussion such as timpani, snare drum, and mallet percussion, Wiktoria …

April 2022:

My name is Mark Griffith, I am a professional musician who happens to play drums. I tour, play locally, record, do clinics, masterclasses, teach, and I write. I started writing for Modern Drummer under Ron Spagnardi’s leadership 25 years ago, I came back to Modern Drummer a year ago to …

April 2022:
Sarah Thawer: Developing, Evolving

Sarah Thawer is not your typical drummer. Starting her unconventional music education at a very young age of two, she shaped her musical identity by combining her cultural roots with her extensive experience absorbing all the music around her—from Jazz to Gospel—all while maintaining a child-like love and curiosity for …

March 2022:
Raghav Mehrotra:

THE! NEXT! GEN! Raghav Mehrotra is the definition of a next generation drummer. At 17, his career is already off the ground, his drumming skills are off the charts, (as are his Instagram followers,) and his maturity (both musical and otherwise) is positively refreshing. His resume is constantly growing with …

November 2016:
Up And Coming: The Drummers Of School of Rock: The Musical
School of Rock

In 2003, Jack Black played down-on-his luck guitarist Dewey Finn in the feature film School of Rock. The comedian was surrounded by a talented cast of child actors playing fourth-graders attempting to win a battle of the bands to help pay Dewey’s overdue rent. The plot was particularly well suited …

Posted: September 30, 2016

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