Florrie is a true multi-instrumentalist, but at her core, she is a drummer, singer, and songwriter. Her journey through the music industry reads like a rollercoaster ride. Starting out as a session drummer, Florrie quickly evolved into a songwriter and singer, making her mark with the viral single “Call 9-1-1,” which catapulted her to early internet stardom.

Building her career through a series of independent releases, Florrie eventually caught the attention of a major label. However, what seemed like a dream come true turned into a two-year battle of creative differences, leaving her disillusioned and ultimately dropped by the label. On the brink of leaving music behind, Florrie’s resolve was tested like never before.

Now the English drummer has returned with her latest record, The Lost Ones. With renewed energy and a fresh perspective, she is set to hit the road again, opening for G-Flip on the aptly named Drummer tour. Additionally, she’ll be joining Girls Aloud on tour, a full-circle moment given that she played drums on their 2008 hit single, “The Promise.” This exciting tour will culminate at England’s iconic O2 Arena, marking a triumphant return for Florrie. Her story is one of perseverance, proving that even in an industry known for its highs and lows, true talent and determination will always find their rhythm. Advertisement

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