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March 2022:
Charly Alberti:

Spanish Rock Drumming Pioneer Soda Stereo is considered one of the greatest and most influential Spanish rock bands of all time, selling over 25 million records worldwide and selling out stadiums. Soda Stereo has an immense global presence. Bands such as U2 and Coldplay have performed covers of their top …

Posted: January 13, 2023

Category: News
Charly Alberti Joins Coldplay for Soda Stereo Classics “De música ligera” and “Persiana americana” in Argentina

Charly Alberti (Modern Drummer cover March ’22,) the drummer of the Argentine rock band Soda Stereo, joined Coldplay on stage during their concert in Argentina on November 7th. The band played the popular Soda Stereo songs “De Música Ligera” and “Persiana Americana” with Alberti on drums, much to the delight of the …

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