Sarah Jones: Harry Styles Tour Kit Rundown

Join Harry Styles’ drummer and Modern Drummer‘s June 2023 cover star Sarah Jones as she gives us a rundown of her kit. Jones is currently on tour with Styles and plays on a vintage lavender satin flame Slingerland drum kit. In her cover story, Jones discussed finding the drum kit while on a tour stop in New York City.

“I had played a lot of vintage kits, but I had never actually tried a Slingerland kit. I loved the way the purple satin flame looked,” she tells Modern Drummer. “I thought they would be perfect for Harry’s show. I asked someone to bring them down off the top shelf, and they sounded even better than they looked! My techs, Kodi Bramble and J. Colangelo have done a great job getting them in really good shape for touring. They are really getting looked after.”

Jones also breaks down which Meinl cymbals she uses, and praises the company for their dedication. “They were brilliant to me when I was up-and-coming in the scene,” she says, “They’re doing wonderful things and they have a huge range of cymbals.” Advertisement

Revisit Sarah Jones’ Modern Drummer June 2023 cover story, and watch her rig rundown below.