Neil Peart’s “Xanadu” – Transcribed And Performed By Marc Atkinson

This is a companion video to the December 2023 article in Modern Drummer Magazine by Marc Atkinson. Full article with transcription available here:

“Neil Peart was known by many names and nicknames, The Professor, Lurch, Bubba, Pratt, John Ellwood Taylor, Milton Banana, and if you were fortunate enough to correspond with him via email, NEP. I was lucky to exchange emails with Neil for a few years, and it was a simply wonderful experience. During our exchanges he made one statement that has always stayed with me. Amazingly, Neil mentioned that, for him, “Rush truly became Rush with the release of the record Moving Pictures in 1981. I remember thinking, “Is Neil serious?” As a huge fan, and for me, it all began with “Xanadu” from 1977’s A Farewell to Kings. At the time Neil had referred to “Xanadu” as, “The Most complex and multi-textured piece we have ever attempted.” The sheer amount of musical craftsmanship displayed in this track alone, justified my adoration for A Farewell to Kings.”

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