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Jost Nickel’s Groove Book

BOOK/CD $21.99 Jost Nickel’s Groove Book explores the meaning of groove, both in terms of what is played and how it’s played. Each chapter presents a new concept, such as linear grooves or ghost notes, and with it a set…

Modern Drummer
Jan 25, 2016

Drumset Supersets: A Combined Method for Quickly Developing Speed, Endurance, Control, Coordination, and Reading

  by Blake Paulson Inspired by Gary Chester’s popular tutorial The New Breed, Blake Paulson’s method book Drumset Supersets quickly gets into the nitty-gritty by having students learn and memorize ostinatos for the hands and then tackle a series of…

Modern Drummer
Nov 13, 2014

A Beat a Week: A Total Percussion Approach to Playing the Drumset by Glenn Kotche

In this book, Wilco’s drummer provides fifty-two examples of varied drum patterns from across his recorded catalog. In his development as a player, Glenn Kotche was exposed to rock, jazz, classical, electronica, and many other styles. As he suggests in…

Modern Drummer
Jul 18, 2014

The Afro-Peruvian Percussion Ensemble: From the Cajon to the Drum Set

BOOK/DVD LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED $30 Recording artist and educator Hector Morales has contributed a rich and concise new look at an under-covered topic. A valuable addition to the library of world percussion, The Afro-Peruvian Percussion Ensemble provides us with…

Modern Drummer
May 12, 2013

Modern Drum Set Stickings by Swiss Chris

  BOOK/CD LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED $14.99 Modern Drum Set Stickings is a relevant and entertaining product with plenty of ideas for expanding the tool kit and thinking a little differently. Sticking charts are presented in duple and triple meter,…

Modern Drummer
Jan 18, 2013

The Hi-Hat Footby Garey Williams

BOOK/MP3s LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE $15.99 In his new book, clinician/instructor Garey Williams tackles the oft-neglected hi-hat foot, focusing on composing different beats while keeping hat-time on various parts of the bar. Essentially a four-limb coordination guide, the book doesn’t really contain…

Modern Drummer
Nov 5, 2012

Double Bass Drumming And Power Fills Workout by Matt Sorum & Sam Aliano

BOOK LEVEL: ALL $14.99 This 125-page book taps the melodic and powerful arena-rock drumming skills of Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses, the Cult, Velvet Revolver) and the double bass mastery of Australian-born Sam Aliano (Slash, Gongzilla). The goal here is…

Modern Drummer
Jul 12, 2012

The Art Of Latin Drumming by Jose Rosa and Hector “Pocho??? Neciosup

BOOK/CD LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED $26.99 Kit players interested in improving their independence against clave and broadening their knowledge of several Afro-Cuban and South American drumset styles should be sure to check out The Art of Latin Drumming, subtitled A…

Modern Drummer
Jun 12, 2012

Creative Brazilian Drumming by Christiano Galvão Afro-Brazilian Percussion Guide By Kirk Brundage

Creative Brazilian Drumming by Christiano Galvão BOOK/CD LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED $14.99 Written by Brazilian native and prolific drumset artist Christiano Galvão, Creative Brazilian Drumming is focused on teaching you to play four popular Brazilian styles and also to develop the…

Modern Drummer
May 9, 2012

Beyond the Metronome by Malcolm “Mac??? Santiago

BOOK/CD LEVEL: ALL $29.95 The subtitle of this book, “Becoming an Inchronous Musician,” refers to the ability to play in time. Most of us have sat with a metronome while working on exercises and have been concerned about having a…

Modern Drummer
Apr 30, 2012

Open-Handed Playing, Vol. 2: A Step Beyond by Claus Hessler With Dom Famularo

BOOK/CD LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED $19.99 Volume one of German author Claus Hessler’s Open-Handed Playing book series dealt with the basics of drumming with uncrossed hands (developing ride-hand phrasing, voicing alternatives, etc.). This second volume focuses on linear concepts and…

Modern Drummer
Apr 18, 2012

Basic Hand Technique As Taught to Chuck Silverman by Richard Wilson and Murray Spivak

E-BOOK/DOWNLOADABLE VIDEO LEVEL: BEGINNER TO INTERMEDIATE $30 Educator Chuck Silverman’s new e-book/downloadable video bundle distills the wisdom of two of his teachers, Richard Wilson and Murray Spivak, into practical instruction for hand technique. Wilson’s concepts include “wrist turns” and “down…

Modern Drummer
Feb 29, 2012

The Forgotten Foot by Kofi Baker and Jordan Hill

BOOK/CD LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE $19.99 Written collectively by Kofi Baker (Cream legend Ginger Baker’s son) and Jordan Hill, The Forgotten Foot shines a light on the hi-hat hoof and its overlooked role in timekeeping and four-way coordination. Various examples of rock,…

Modern Drummer
Feb 7, 2012

66 Drum Solos forthe Modern Drummer by Tom Hapke

  BOOK/CD LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE $19.99 German drummer Tom Hapke’s newest book is a worthy learning/teaching tool set up to challenge and improve players’ technical facility, independence, and reading ability. Each of the solos or beat examples is spread across just…

Modern Drummer
Jan 4, 2012