<i>Open-Handed Playing, Vol. 2: A Step Beyond</i> by Claus Hessler With Dom Famularo

Reviews Open Handed Playing 2



Volume one of German author Claus Hessler’s Open-Handed Playing book series dealt with the basics of drumming with uncrossed hands (developing ride-hand phrasing, voicing alternatives, etc.). This second volume focuses on linear concepts and applying rudiments to an open-handed setup. The linear section progresses through two- and three-voice patterns, and then covers ways to incorporate the hi-hat foot, double strokes, accents, rests, and layering rhythms before concluding with a bunch of fill ideas. The rudimental chapter takes paradiddles, double paradiddles, and a handful of flam rudiments through a variety of applications, including orchestration possibilities, ostinato options, and superimposing them within different subdivisions. The book concludes with eight fusion/rock play-along charts designed to help you figure out how to use this stuff in real-world musical situations. If you’ve never considered open-handed drumming before, this book offers a very strong argument for it. (Alfred/Wizdom Media)

Michael Dawson