<em>The Art Of Latin Drumming</em> <br>by Jose Rosa and <br>Hector “Pocho??? Neciosup

The Art Of Latin Drumming By Jose Rosa and Hector “Pocho” Neciosup



Kit players interested in improving their independence against clave and broadening their knowledge of several Afro-Cuban and South American drumset styles should be sure to check out The Art of Latin Drumming, subtitled A New Approach to Learn Traditional Afro-Cuban and Latin American Rhythms on Drums. Authored by two prolific Latin percussionist/educators, the thorough book features the full text both in Spanish and English and includes more than 200 exercises. Styles such as son clave, rumba clave, guaguanco, chachacha, Mozambique, pilon, comparsa, songo, merengue, danza, bomba, plena, onda nueva, huayno, festejo, lando, and marinera are covered, some in more depth than others. Cascara, cowbell, and left-foot clave patterns are also thoughtfully woven into the exercises. Helpful tips on equipment setup, plus two CDs including 144 tracks of exercises and playalongs, help to round out this very complete package. (Centerstream) 

Ben Meyer