Rock ‘N’ Jazz Clinic

Double Bass Fills

Overlapping Into the Next Phase, Part 1

by Powell Randolph

The purpose of this lesson is to show you how to overlap bass drum notes at the end of a phrase into a crash at the beginning of the next phrase, in order to maintain a continuous flow of ideas throughout the measure. To begin, practice each of the following phrase fragments until you’re very comfortable with them.Double Bass Fills 1Now mix the groupings together to create a one- or two-bar phrase of 16th notes.
Double Bass Fills 2

Double Bass Fills 3

Double Bass Fills 4

Double Bass Fills 5

Now let’s try some five- and seven-note groupings.

Double Bass Fills 6
Here are some ideas that incorporate the fives and sevens with the other groupings.
Double Bass Fills 7

Double Bass Fills 8

Powell Randolph is a drum teacher at Alpha Music in Virginia Beach and a touring drummer for Windborne Music Productions, which puts together rock shows with major orchestras across North America. For more info, visit