Product Close-Up


Cymbal Accessories

A dual-purpose product that provides ultimate edge protection and significant sound reduction.

The drum industry has plenty of cymbal accessories, including mutes, bags, and fancy felts. So what’s next? Cymgard thinks it has the answer, and the company sent us three cymbal mutes/edge protectors to check out: the Standard, the Lite, and the Hi-Hat Standard.


The more we learned about Cymgards, the more we could see them being used by a wide range of drummers, from those practicing in the basement to players touring the world. Cymgard states that its products offer four distinct advantages: “Dependable, heavy edge armoring, sound dampening, shipping/transportation protection, and stack padding.” After spending a few days with the products, we had no doubt that the company has accomplished all of those goals.

Cymgards are made of an elastic rubber that fits around the perimeter of a cymbal. Over time, the Cymgard is supposed to mold to the profile, taper, and thickness of the cymbal, which ensures consistent placement and makes it easier to add or remove the guard.

The wrap-around design allows you to stack cymbals in a horizontal or vertical position without having metal-on-metal contact, even with cymbals that have different diameters. The Cymgard Standard series offers the thickest and most durable edge protection, while the Lite line is slightly thinner. Both options provide an incredible amount of sound dampening for practicing with minimal volume. (The cymbal’s sustain is canceled out, leaving behind just the sound of the sticks clicking on the metal.) The Hi-Hat Standard fits a matched pair of hi-hats and has the same thickness and durability as the Standard.


As we watched Cymgard founder Rod Johnston demonstrate dropping vintage cymbals equipped with Standard and Lite models from six feet in the air directly onto a concrete floor, without so much as a dent, it was obvious that there’s some incredible value in these simple, low-cost products. (Prices range from $9.95 for a 6″ Lite to $26.95 for a 24″ Standard.) That durability, combined with exceptional sound dampening, safe stacking capabilities, and great shipping/transportation protection, makes Cymgard an easy decision for anyone looking for all of these benefits.

by Miguel Monroy