Rock ‘n’ Jazz Clinic

Double Bass Fills

Overlapping Into the Next Phrase, Part 2

by Powell Randolph

The purpose of this lesson, which is a continuation of what we explored in part one (June 2013), is to show you how to overlap bass drum notes at the end of a phrase into a crash at the beginning of the next phrase, in order to create a continuous flow of ideas. Last month we worked with 16th-note phrases. This time we’ll explore the ideas in sextuplets (16th-note triplets). First, practice each grouping individually until you’re comfortable.Rock n Jazz Clinic 1Now mix the groupings together to create one-bar phrases.
Rock n Jazz Clinic 2Rock n Jazz Clinic 3Rock n Jazz Clinic 4

Here are some five-, seven-, and nine-note groupings to add to the mix.

Rock n Jazz Clinic 5

Now combine those odd note groupings with the previous groupings.

Rock n Jazz Clinic 6

Rock n Jazz Clinic 7

This example has groupings of threes and fours, but they’re combined in such a way as to sound more like sevens.

Rock n Jazz Clinic 8

Here are four more examples that combine everything we’ve discussed so far. Have fun!

Rock n Jazz Clinic 9

Powell Randolph is a drum teacher at Alpha Music in Virginia Beach, and he plays rock shows with orchestras around North America for Windborne Music Productions. Randolph, a tongue cancer survivor, can be reached through