John Beck Steve Gadd
Photo of John Beck w/ former student Steve Gadd by Lissa Wales

A sensible warm-up is vitally important to a productive practice session or good performance. There is no question that relaxed and supple muscles allow the mind to work better and more improvement is attained.

There are no tempo markings attached to the warm-ups. Each exercise should start slowly and top speed should be determined by the performer based on maintaining relaxed muscles. At the first sign of tension or stress, the tempo should be slowed. There is no time limit set for warming up as this will vary from day to day based on the feelings of the performer. The warm-ups should be practiced at both loud and soft dynamics, and may be played at a steady tempo if desired. Remember, relaxation is the key word in a warm-up.



Warm-Up Exercises 1

Warm-Up Exercises 2

Warm-Up Exercises 3

Warm-Up Exercises 4

From Master Technique Builders For Snare Drum by Anthony Cirone. Used by permission from Belwin·Mills Publishing Corp., Melville, New York