July 1983 – Volume 7 • Number 7


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Articles in July 1983

Transcribed by Karl Sterling
Dec 18, 2017

J.C. Heard

J.C. Heard is relaxing in the living room of his modest apartment in Troy, Michigan. Though the apartment is not large, it is lavishly furnished in rich brown teak and soft leather. The walls are adorned with Japanese artifacts, Samurai…

by Mark B. Lipson
Dec 18, 2017


The ability to concentrate and not be distracted from the music by fear or pressure is extremely important for every professional drummer. For example, if you become nervous at a recording session or an audition you may lose your concentration.…

by Roy Burns
Dec 18, 2017

Warm-Up Exercises

Photo of John Beck w/ former student Steve Gadd by Lissa Wales A sensible warm-up is vitally important to a productive practice session or good performance. There is no question that relaxed and supple muscles allow the mind to work…

by John Beck
Dec 18, 2017

Michael Shrieve — Coming To Terms With Himself

Not long ago, two readers wrote separate letters that said, "I just saw the movie Woodstock. Who was the young drummer playing with Santana?" That "young drummer" was Michael Shrieve. Michael has traveled many literal and figurative miles since 1969…

by Scott K. Fish
Dec 18, 2017

The Reggae Drummers

A decade ago, it would have been unthinkable to envision a music form born in the steamy slums of Kingston, Jamaica, becoming one of the more exciting influences on contemporary music. The simple "chinka-chinka" rhythm and the infectious off-beat have…

by Robert Santelli
Dec 18, 2017

Myron Grombacher — Rock 'N' Roll Energy

Photo by Lissa Wales Seeing Myron Grombacher on stage with Pat Benatar is quite a treat. Aside from being a superb rock drummer—fluid, steady, fluent, tasteful and powerful—he is quite a showman. With boundless energy, the man gives 100% and…

by Robyn Flans
Dec 18, 2017

Steve Gadd

Sometimes, a person becomes noted for something which is merely a by-product of what the person was actually going for. Steve Gadd's primary concern has always been to play for the music. He has never been preoccupied with trying to…

by Rick Mattingly
Dec 18, 2017