Portugal. The Man’s Jason Sechrist first spotted Ludwig’s new hot pink Vistalite kit at Summer NAMM 2018. Although it took a few months for his to arrive, it was worth the wait. This stunning set fits perfectly into the lefty drummer’s recent live shows. “My singer is big on visual aspects,” Sechrist says. “He likes that Ginger Baker [double kick] look, and we were trying to get a flashy, colorful, and vibrant kit. We also love Vistalites for their stage volume. The kit offers a really aggressive and punchy tone with a defined crack that’s ideal for outdoor festivals. When we get onstage, and everyone is thirty feet apart, we can achieve maximum volume.”

Sechrist has added an extra bass drum to round out the look of the kit, but it isn’t going to waste during the band’s shows. “I’m not necessarily slamming away at double kick patterns,” he says. “But I am finding ways to throw in the extra kick drum in basic fills.”

To maximize volume without sacrificing feel, Sechrist uses Vic Firth X55A sticks, which offer more reach. “They’ve got the quickness and lightness of the 5A,” he says, “but with the power of a 5B.”

Sechrist plays acoustically for most of the band’s repertoire, but he adds electronics for certain songs. A Roland SPD-SX multipad is positioned below his ride cymbal and above the bass drum so he can access it with either hand. And triggers on the kick and the snare are employed when he needs to stack on hand claps or electronic tambourine samples. “We’re open and enjoy using all the tools,” he says. “But the thing about electronics is that unless you’re using in-ears, it’s a very un-dynamic experience.”

While acknowledging the need to be able to utilize electronics in today’s music, Jason points out that technology isn’t foolproof. “That’s the beauty of a real drumkit,” he says. “It’s not going to fudge out on you in front of 2,000 people.”

Drums: Ludwig Vistalite with hot pink shells
A. 6.5×14 Black Beauty or Dunnett 2N chrome-over-brass snare
B. 9×13 tom
C. 16×16 floor tom
D. 16×18 floor tom
E. 14×22 bass drum

Sticks: Vic Firth X55A

Cymbals: Zildjian
1. 14″ K Light hi-hats
2. 19″ Avedis crash/ride
3. 20″ Kerope ride
4. 19″ K Dark Thin crash

Drumheads: Ludwig Silver Dot batters on toms and bass drums and Remo Ambassador X Coated snare batter

Hardware: DW 9000 Series bass drum pedals and 6000 Series hi-hat, Ludwig Atlas and DW 9000 Series stands, Ludwig throne

Electronics: Roland SPD-SX multipad and RT-10K and RT-30 triggers

Accessories: RTOM Moongel