Funk In Five 1In this article, we will develop some funk patterns based on the following left-foot hi-hat pattern. Use the “rocking” heel-toe method (in the music, H = heel and T = toe).

Funk In Five 2

Once this heel-toe pattern is established, playing it becomes automatic and requires very little thought. This allows drummers to focus their attention on the other limbs. In the first group of patterns, the ride cymbal part has straight- 8th notes, while the bass drum, tom-tom, and snare drum have some interesting variations. Be sure to pay close attention to all accents, because they are very important to the “feel” of the patterns

Funk In Five 3

The next four patterns have the right hand playing all of the &’s on the bell of a cymbal.

Funk In Five 4

Funk In Five 5

In the following group of patterns, the left hand plays on the hi-hat, while the right hand plays all of the notes  written for the snare drum and tom-tom.

Funk In Five 6

The last four patterns use the hi-hat as the ride source, while the other limbs play variations.

Funk In Five 7

The next pattern has a four against five feeling due to the bass drum part.

Funk In Five 8