3 Paradiddle Exercises for Strengthening Subdivisions

Practice the following subdivision pyramid exercises using a metronome to be sure your timing is accurate and consistent. You may need to work on each line individually before trying the entire thing. Tap your foot along with the metronome to help you internalize the pulse.

This first exercise focuses on the basic paradiddle.

Paradiddle Exercises 1

Now do the same thing using the paradiddle-diddle. Notice how the rudiment passes over the barline when played as 8th, 16th, and 32nd notes. Be sure to keep track of where the downbeat falls in those measures.

Paradiddle Exercises 2

Paradiddle Exercises 3

Our last exercise is a short solo containing paradiddles and paradiddle-diddles in various subdivisions. Although this is not indicated, apply your own dynamics to shape the phrases and make the solo as musical as possible.

Paradiddle Exercises 4