26 Ways to Apply the Standard Rudiment to the DrumsetFlamaque Variations 0

In this article we’ll take the flamacue rudiment and apply it to the drumset. Let’s start by playing the flamacue on the snare.

Flamaque Variations 1

Now play it in 3/4. Notice that the right hand outlines a steady quarter-note pulse.

Flamaque Variations 2

Let’s put that quarter-note pulse on the hi-hat.

Flamaque Variations 3

This time, play the quarter-note pulse down the toms.

Flamaque Variations 4

You can fill in the last 8th note of the measure with the bass drum.

Flamaque Variations 5

Now, while playing an ostinato with the feet, play the flamacue with the right hand on the floor tom and the left hand on the rack tom.

Flamaque Variations 6

Here’s a way to use the flamacue as a fill.

Flamaque Variations 7

Here’s what that fill looks like when phrased as 16th notes and applied at the end of a groove in 4/4. (The flamacue fill begins on the “&” of beat 3.)

Flamaque Variations 8

If you start the flamacue fill on beat 3, you can use the added bass note to set up a crash on the “&” of beat 4. Here’s a full-measure fill with the flamacue played three times.

Flamaque Variations 9

Now fill in the spaces between the flamacues with bass drum notes.

Flamaque Variations 10

In this 3/4 example, the bass drum fills in the spaces between the snare hits.

Flamaque Variations 11

Here’s the same example played in 4/4.

Flamaque Variations 12

Now play a groove for three measures, and then use the previous variation as a fill in measure 4.

Flamaque Variations 13

Now turn the fill around so that the bass drum hits first.

Flamaque Variations 14

In these examples the flamacue is used to create New Orleans–type grooves.

Flamaque Variations 15

Now let’s use the flamacue within a half-time feel.

Flamaque Variations 16

You can also try playing the left-hand part on the bass drum.

Flamaque Variations 17

Here’s that pattern within a half-time groove.

Flamaque Variations 18

Now fill in between the bass drum notes with light snare hits.

Flamaque Variations 19

The next three examples show some ways to apply the flamacue to grooves in 6/8.

Flamaque Variations 20

In these final two examples, the flamacue is phrased down the toms while the feet play an alternating ostinato in 6/8.

Flamaque Variations 22

There are so many ways to apply rudiments to the drumset. Take some time to explore all of them, and use your imagination as you come up with ideas to expand your musical palette for grooves, fills, and solos. Have fun!

Flamaque Variations 22

Powell Randolph is a drum teacher at Alpha Music in Virginia Beach, and he plays rock shows with orchestras around North America for Windborne Music Productions. He is also a tongue cancer survivor. Randolph can be reached at powellrandolph.com.