Usher Halftime Show Features Empty Drum Set as Tribute to Aaron Spears

If you watched the halftime show during Super Bowl LVIII, you witnessed an energetic performance by mega-star Usher and a plethora of talented dancers. There were special appearances by Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, Ludacris and HER. The real treat for drummers, however, was around 6 minutes & 17 seconds into the show, when the overhead shot revealed an empty golden Ludwig drum set to the left of drummer “Stixx” Taylor’s black & white kit. The golden drums were in remembrance of the late Aaron Spears, the beloved drummer for Usher and so many others.

Watch the full show here:

The bass drum head was adorned with Aaron’s star-shaped logo, which could be seen a few times during the segment.


Aaron Spears Logo as seen on the Golden Superbowl Drum Kit

When Aaron passed away on October 30, 2023, a collective cry of disbelief and sadness rang out through social media and the drumming community. Aaron was a friend, mentor, family member and extended family to Modern Drummer Magazine and musicians everywhere.

Take a moment and read more about Aaron’s impact on others: