Drum Workshop Introduces DW Soundworks™ Virtual Drums Plugin

New Software Includes Authentic Library Of DW, Gretsch, and Slingerland Drum Sounds


OXNARD, CA (November 1st, 2023) – Drum Workshop, Inc. (DW), a global leader in the design and manufacturing of acoustic drums, is proud to announce the launch of their premium virtual studio instrument (VST) and drum sample library, DW Soundworks alongside the launch of their first-of-its-kind wireless acoustic-electronic convertible drum set DWe®. Designed by DW to deliver a powerful software solution, DW Soundworks puts the drummer in control of their sound. With an intuitive, simple interface and advanced controls for those who want to fine-tune every detail, the new software delivers the most authentic experience whether it is powering the DWe drum kit or being used as a VST plugin.

The new DW Soundworks platform incorporates all the expertise, creativity, development, and refinement expected of a DW product. This virtual instrument offers a comprehensive collection of drum sounds which cater to a wide array of musical styles and genres. DW Soundworks is the solution for DW, Gretsch, and Slingerland drum sounds. DW Soundworks samples capture the authentic tonality of the company’s drums for a realistic audio experience. The core library features drum kit samples from the DW Collector’s Series® line including DW Pure Maple®, DW Maple Mahogany and limited-edition kits no longer in production including the DW 50th Anniversary and DW Pure Almond® kits. Additionally, DW Soundworks includes a Gretsch USA Custom kit, and the personal 1958 Slingerland kit of DW’s founder Don Lombardi. The drums were sampled to the exacting specifications of DW with 18 dynamic layers per sample and recorded at the DW factory with best-in-class microphones, high-quality microphone preamplifiers plus a variety of compressors and equalizers. Future expansion packs will offer users even more drum kit choices.

Building on the brand’s reputation as a custom drum manufacturer, customization is built right into DW Soundworks and now in the hands of the music producer. Effects can be used to fine tune the library’s sound samples; equalization (EQ), compression, reverb, plus other processing options allow users to shape their drum sound and can be applied either to individual drum elements or to the entire drum kit. The software supports up to 30 active instruments, has seamless DAW compatibility, and a library of high-quality, DW acoustic drum sounds recorded at 24-bit resolution and a sampling rate of 88.2 kHz. It is Apple MacOS & Microsoft Windows compatible. The powerful and user-friendly virtual drum software DW Soundworks fulfills the demands of musicians and producers alike. It is a top-tier electronic drum instrument with unmatched quality, versatility, and realism, which offers an expandable library of samples and effects with countless controls to produce a drum sound to your exact tastes. Advertisement

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