ddrum SE Flyer Pitstop Gets More Compact with Vintage Sparkle

ddrum introduces the SE Flyer Pitstop, bringing an even more compact size to the jazz-inspired SE Series. Beyond the smaller configuration for this four-piece set, the Pitstop brings a new Vintage Sparkle finish to the SE Flyer line for a splash of timeless flair. Offering new specs and a new look, but with the same great feel of ddrum’s original “bop” kit, the SE Flyer Pitstop is an ideal choice for gigging drummers.

For decades, the bop drum kit configuration has been a go-to for jazz players. Today, drummers of various styles, including Latin, hip-hop, and electronic, find great value and convenience in this style kit. The SE Flyer Series from ddrum has become a go-to for gigging drummers who don’t want to sacrifice sound quality for the portability of a small footprint. For players looking to load in and out of a venue with ease, the new SE Flyer Pitstop offers a more compact configuration than ddrum’s original and features a 15×16 bass drum, 7×10 mounted tom, 12×13 floor tom, and 6×13 snare drum. All the drums have poplar shells, a modern 45-degree bearing edge, and are fitted with Remo drum heads for excellent responsiveness and attack.  

The SE Flyer Pitstop is available in two eye-catching finishes of White Pearl with natural wood hoops, and Vintage Sparkle featuring new black bass drum hoops with a matching inlay. The Vintage Sparkle wrap emulates an aged radiance that gives the Pitstop the look of a vintage drum kit.  Advertisement

The Pitstop shares all the other features and improvements from the original Bop configuration, most notably the bass drum lift, which allows the bass drum beater to strike the smaller head in the proper place. Other commonalities include gull wing bass drum spurs, a new snare throw-off, and double tom holder featuring a tom arm for a direct-to-shell mount and a cymbal boom arm. Floor tom memory locks are also included. Low-mass lugs on the 1.6mm triple-flanged hoops help lighten the load.

Whether players are seeking a smaller-sized drum set for at-home practice, or a kit that can be easily transported into and out of clubs or cafes, the SE Flyer Pitstop delivers compact convenience with vintage style.

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