Ian Paice Is Not a Fan of Double-Bass Drums

Although Ian Paice plays in a seminal and iconic metal band, it doesn’t mean he’s a big fan of the double-bass drum techniques deployed by countless hard-rockin’ drummers.

During a recent question-and-answer session with fans via his Ian Paice Drum Tribe YouTube channel, the Deep Purple drummer stated that he was never attracted to the double-bass drum.

“The only time I ever really did it was on ‘Fireball’ [from 1971’s Fireball album], because it added something to the track,” said Paice. “The way the riff rolled along, it needed that power of two kicks. There are some wonderful young drummers around these days who have got the two-bass-drum thing down to an incredibly fine art. But I’ve always preferred to have to think in patterns. Sometimes with the bass drums, it’s not where you put the note, it’s where you don’t put the note, and that makes it work.”