Adam Deitch of Lettuce

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Talking About Grammy Nomination, Recording, and Tour

Sup everybody! Hope 2020 is looking up and up for you all. Recently, my band Lettuce was nominated for a Grammy in the category of Best Contemporary Instrumental Album for our album Elevate. Being nominated meant a lot to us for many reasons. First, we were super honored. And as we have been best friends and a band for more than twenty-five years, this gave us a much-needed boost. My parents, both drummers, were there with me as well.

Of course we wish we had won, but the category we were nominated in was stacked with some of my favorite drummers and percussionists like Corey Fonville and Weedie Braimah (nominated with Christian Scott), Mark Giulliana, and Kassa Overall (nominated with Theo Croker). All are great musicians and people, and it was a total blessing to be in a category alongside them.

For Elevate, the writing process was organic. I like to write music every day on Pro Tools. I put down my ideas on guitar, bass, drums, VST organs, and horns and send the rough sketches to the guys to see if they dig it. We end up having multiple albums of material from that process, as well as pulling ideas from soundcheck jams, show improvisations, and the awesome tunes of the other band members. Advertisement

We will be touring Europe in 2020. My homies in Snarky Puppy and Ghost-Note keep telling us Europe is waiting for us to bring that funk! We are excited for this three-week trip with great food, vibes, and music. I’m very excited to play in London and I hopefully get to hang with one of my drum heroes, Derek McKenzie of Jamiroquai. Shortly after, we will be releasing new music. We are all excited for you to hear what we’ve been working on!

I’m also stoked to release a few lesson packs this year that break down my approaches to technique, grooves, funk and hip-hop history in relation to drumming. I will also be discussing specific songs I’ve played with my own bands Lettuce and Break Science, as well as my quartet, John Scofield Uberjam band, AWB, Wyclef Jean, and others. Stay tuned to my socials @deitchadam (IG) and @Goldenwolfrecords for updates on that.

Thanks for reading this and many blessings to all you hard working drummers out there. Stay focused and positive, and remember, music is medicine for the soul. We are the providers for those in need. Peace and beats! Advertisement

Watch a flashback video of Adam Deitch performing at the 2010 Modern Drummer Festival here

Listen to Lettuce “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” below


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