Paulo Ressio from Doctor Pheabes

Talking About Album and Gear

Hello there, everybody! It’s an honor for me, a guy from a very traditional district of Sao Paulo called Mooca, to talk to you here in the Modern Drummer world for this “On The Beat!” Army of the Sun is the title of our third album and it’s a turning point in Doctor Pheabes’ career.

When we started getting ideas for this new album, the opportunity of working with Bruno Agra and Kato Khandwala came up, enriching our project right away, from the first rehearsals until the finishing touches.

At the recording studio, we set up a Tama Starclassic Bubinga, the same drums I use playing live—22″ kick drum, 12″ and 13″ rack toms, and 14″ and 16″ floor toms, all which create a heavy drum sound with excellent resonance and attack. I consider them very balanced drums that have just the correct fit in the atmosphere of the songs. Advertisement

For cymbals, I pretty much mix and like Zildjian 16″ and 18″ A Custom crashes, a Paiste 21″ ride, 14″ hi-hats by Sabian, and ddrum cymbals stands. I hit the target with a full-bodied and heavy-clean 6.5×14 Mapex Black Panther, which makes the sound come alive.

In the studio, the recording with Agra and Khandwala was just amazing, and I’ve learned that sometimes less is more. We were able to compose great melodic songs, a catchy chorus without losing the energy of the band, and bring the strength and power of rock and roll.

I hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks for reading and thank you Modern Drummer!

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