Runaway To Paradise Contest Winner Goes Cruising

BJ and Jennifer Kellogg with Rich Scannella

The winner of the “Runaway to Paradise with Jon Bon Jovi” contest is Modern Drummer subscriber B.J. Kellogg of Colorado. B.J. and his wife, Jennifer, departed Barcelona, Spain on August 26 for the four-day cruise. B.J. got to meet and hang out with Kings of Suburbia’s Rich Scannella and was treated to a VIP experience for one of Jon Bon Jovi’s shows.

Rich Scannella goes over the music to the Bon Jovi song “Summertime” with B.J.


B.J. sits at Rich’s kit during a break at sound check.


The “Runaway to Paradise with Jon Bon Jovi” contest is one of the new “Give the Drummer Some…” VIP experiences for Modern Drummer subscribers. Current subscribers should check in to regularly for the latest updates.