Mick Rain of Pezband

Mick Rain

Talks About His Favorite Gear

Hi MD readers! I’m Mick Rain from Pezband sending a big shout out to all my drummer friends around the country and in other parts of the world. I really enjoy running into all of you when I am traveling. Drummers have so much energy, talent, and good looks! Yes, my favorite people are in the drumming club.

I have been the drummer for Pezband since 1972 and am pretty much unschooled. I started playing late in life at thirteen but I was lucky to have grown up in a relatively large metropolitan area (Chicago) so I was playing professionally and studio recording almost from the jump. Later, I studied with Bernard Purdie in New York City in1975 and 1976 and had to unlearn every bad habit. Over the years I’ve studied with teachers who happened to be conveniently located.

For all you gear heads, my stage kit is currently a vintage Slingerland 28″ marching bass drum that is fitted with spurs, and the toms are ’70s Ludwigs with a 14×15 rack, and 18″ and 20″ floor toms. All the drums were recovered in red sparkle, so they match perfectly and look great with the Pezband logo bass drum head. I am using all new Ludwig hardware. Advertisement

My favorite snares are a Slingerland TDR 6.5×14 from the ’70s, and I am currently using a Pearl steel custom Master series drum that weighs more than my bass drum. I use a mix of both Paiste and Zildjian cymbals and frequently buy the most indestructible ching-ring for the hi-hat. I like that tambourine sound. I also have a 1965 Marine Pearl Ludwig Ringo kit and a late ’60s Slingerland kit that I keep around the house.

Watch for another release in the fall and we should be on the road in the second half of 2019. See you there! Thanks for reading.

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