On The Beat With the Drum Coaches: A Three-Part Hand Speed Series

the Drum Coaches

Part One

It’s been some time since we’ve had the pleasure of sharing with the Modern Drummer family and we’re hyped and excited to let you in on what many drummers have been benefiting from: hand speed. That’s what this is about. Well, I take that back, it’s not just about hand speed. It’s about playing with more speed along with control, endurance, and confidence around the entire drumkit.

We have created a “P90X”-style program that, if done consistently, will increase all of the attributes mentioned above dramatically in thirty days. With full confidence, we literally promise you that it will. The reason we’re so confident about this is because we’ve done it ourselves and are witnesses of the results. We even took it to our friend, the legendary Eric Moore, and had him test it out. He couldn’t believe the results. He has even decided to join us in bringing this to you. We’ve also had a couple hundred online students do the camp and they’ve sent in video testimonials and emails expressing their satisfaction with their results. We want you to experience the results too.

Now, we know that speed isn’t everything when it comes to music. However, we like to practice to become drummers who have more speed, control, and endurance than is usually needed for a typical musical situation. It’s more fun this way because you won’t have that forearm burning sensation halfway through the first set of a three-set gig or be out of gas when they finally decide to “give the drummer some” at the end of an hour-long show. Besides, building this kind of endurance and control only helps you hold the groove more solidly for a longer amount of time. Advertisement

We will be showing you a few workouts that you can do to increase your speed. Keep in mind that these workouts are from our hand speed camp called the “Shed Camp,” which has three “P90X”-style workout videos that contain twelve different exercises.

The pattern in this video is linear and is really fun to play. STIXX breaks down and gives a demonstration of the pattern before the workout starts. By the way, this is an interactive video so grab your drumsticks and a sweat towel and let’s get some work in.



Part Two

As excited as we were to bring you the first installment of this three part hand speed series, we’re even more excited to bring you part two. If you haven’t watched part one, that’s ok, you can go back. Advertisement

Remember, we only care about getting faster and playing blazing chops on the drumkit, right? Wrong! This is about way more than just being able to play fast chops. It’s about speed, control, endurance, and confidence around the entire kit. We are killing four birds with one stone.

Today’s exercise is centered on the six-stroke roll. We turn it into a groove-oriented exercise that will help you implement double strokes into your groove ideas with ease. STIXX breaks everything down note for note and gives detailed examples to help you get the pattern down. Then, we get right into the workouts.

Remember, this is just a portion of the workouts that are in the camp. There are twelve workouts that we do, plus many extras in the full camp. Are you ready to get some work in? Grab your drumsticks, a sweat towel, and let’s do this! Advertisement



Part Three

For the third and final installment of our hand speed series here on Modern Drummer we couldn’t leave without sharing one of our linear drum pattern workouts. Linear patterns are a big part of “urban drumming” and this exercise is great for drummers who struggle with them. However, this pattern isn’t just linear; it’s filled with texture and dynamics. There are single strokes, double strokes, ghost notes, and accented notes all in this one pattern. We do this intentionally to be more efficient by working on more than one aspect of drumming at a time.

By now you should know that this camp is not just about building speed. It’s also about building control, endurance, and confidence around the entire kit. These aren’t exercises that we play on one surface, none of them are. All twelve workouts in the camp move around the kit.

As always, STIXX breaks everything down note for note and gives detailed examples to help you get the pattern down. Then, we get right into the workouts. So are you ready for this final exercise? You know the drill—grab your drumsticks, a sweat towel, and let’s go! Advertisement

Unfortunately this is the last of the three workouts that we are giving away for free. We want to help as many drummers as possible reach their drumming goals and we are confident that this will increase your hand speed, control, endurance, and confidence around the drumkit. The entire online camp/course is available at the Sign up and let’s reach your goals together.



For more information about the Shed Camp, go to and to sign up, go to