Drum Legend Terry Bozzio and Poet Todd Griese Present <i>A Journey Along Spiritual Lines</i>

Arts Alive Festival

Join legendary drummer Terry Bozzio (Frank Zappa, UK, Jeff Beck, Missing Persons) and poet Todd Griese (Gandy Dancer Press) on May 27, 3:30 pm as they present A Journey Along Spiritual Lines.

“Todd Griese and I have been close friends for more than ten years. His spiritual insights and Terry Bozziowritings resonate in me. He is an authentic individual who writes from his local experience and Asian studies history with a touch of beat poetry thrown in for some flavor. He approached me and the Channel Islands Art Center about showing my art and his poetry as a community project, Journeys Along Spiritual Lines, after the title of his book,” says Bozzio.

“My music and art are spontaneous and automatic—I feel they come from my unconscious so my ego is not involved. To me this is spiritual. I composed music to accompany Todd’s poetry and the music flowed spontaneously from his words. He chose from my paintings to insert his poetry into them, where they resonated to him to represent or contrast with his words. We will show our individual art, poetry, and my music as well as our collaboration, live and recorded, to combine our individuality and our brotherly love and respect for each other as a duo.”

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