On the Beat With Kim Kicks of Satellite Sky


Kim Kicks

photo by Jonesy McElroy

I’m Kim Kicks, 50% of the band Satellite Sky, with my brother being the other half.

When I was a kid, I decided to stop hitting my brother and start hitting the drums. Now we’re kicking ass and taking numbers together.

I always had an innate desire to play the drums. I used to sneak into concerts underage and be mesmerized by the drummer. So here I am, an Aussie living in L.A, writing, recording, and touring the world, and I get to do it with family!

My main approach to drumming and to our music is to have fun, keep the groove, and love doing it. It’s a creative outlet, and I truly believe music is the most important language in the world. I have the opportunity to inspire and affect people in a positive manner.

I hear many comments at my gigs such as, “You hit hard for a girl” or “You hit harder than any male drummers I’ve seen.” Despite the plethora of amazing female drummers, seeing a girl pound the kit is new and rare to many people. Even making that point of difference seems somewhat sexist. The fact that gender is still a prominent social and political issue seems ludicrous to me. However, if that’s something people need to set me apart in their minds, then I’m cool with that. For now, society divides the sexes as it does. I embrace being female and all the challenges and advantages that come along with that. Advertisement

I’m super excited for our new single, “Who Do You Love?” It’s fun, upbeat, and maybe something the world needs right now.

Being an artist, I’m able to use my photography skills and collaborate with my brother and friends to make interesting music videos. Stoked to share this one with you guys here at Modern Drummer first!

“Who Do You Love?” is the first single from our forthcoming record, Living in Oblivion, which is set for release in mid-May. While we were creating this song, we felt the need to produce something positive, fun, and uplifting that people can come together over. It’s been almost impossible not to be caught up in all the negativity circulating throughout the globe at the moment, so hopefully this song provides some respite and reaffirms that love will always conquer hate.

We chose to release this song on International Women’s Day because equal rights is something we feel very strongly about, and we feel that it’s worth celebrating and acknowledging. We believe that everyone’s voices and actions make a difference. Advertisement

Something we’ve learned as musicians is to never discount the positive impact you can have on other people and the world around you. Being on the road, playing shows to a wide variety of audiences, I’ve found that, as a female drummer, I challenge stereotypes and seem to be a role model to many young girls who may be bullied or lack confidence in their creative endeavors. Empowering girls and women in this manner by giving them another way of viewing themselves and their potential is extremely rewarding.

I’m so grateful to be able to share what I love doing with all of you. See you soon!


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