On the Beat with Pat Petrillo: Catches Up and Talks New Music and Products

Pat Petrillo

What’s up, Modern Drummer readers? This is my first “On the Beat,” and I’m happy to catch you up on what’s been happening (for the past thirty-plus years, ha). We won’t go back that far, but I will fill you in on the variety of things I’ve been up to most recently.

I’ve been extremely busy teaching online lessons thru my own website,, as well as weekly spots as a satellite instructor on the popular Drumeo site. I’ve also appeared live in their studio three times. A benefit of having a five camera studio setup and ready to roll in my own space is the ability to film high-quality videos anytime I want and I look forward to filming many more!

The partnership with Drumeo has led to the re-release my P4 Practice Pad last year. Now called the Drumeo P4 Practice Pad, it was designed and created by yours truly and made here in the USA. It is a multilevel, multi-surface practice pad. Advertisement

Speaking of products, I also designed the very popular K-Custom Organic ride for Zildjian. It took a good six years to “hammer out,” but with the help of Paul Francis, it’s a great sounding ride and I’m really happy how it came out. I also have a brand new product called the Practice Pad Workstation, an all-in-one practice space organizer that’s also available on my site.

Another project I’ve been involved with, this time with my Ludwig drums family, was creating the lesson material for the Pocket Kit by Questlove. Once a young drummer purchases the kit, they get access to a series of lessons I designed to help them get started.

Pat Petrillo, Oz Noy, James Genus

L to R: James Genus, Pat Petrillo, Oz Noy

In terms of music, I recently recorded tracks with extraordinary New York guitarist Oz Noy and bassist James Genus, the first being “Brooklyn Phunk.” It’s a nasty jam the lets Oz rip, while James and I keep it on lock. I also have a new band called the NYC Big Rhythm Band and we’re making our debut at the Cutting Room in New York City on Monday, January 16. If you’re in the area, I hope to see you there. Advertisement

Thanks to all the companies I endorse, Ludwig, Zildjian, Evans drumheads, and Promark, as well as Modern Drummer for inviting me to check in. Lastly, very special thanks to all of you for checking this out!

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