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On the Beat With Brian Dunne of Hall and Oates: Live From Daryl’s House

Brian Dunne of Hall and Oates
Photo by Mark Magglio

Hey, MD! My name is Brian Dunne and I’ve been playing drums for Daryl Hall and John Oates for the past seven years, as well as being the drummer for the TV show Live From Daryl’s House, where artists come to Daryl Hall’s place and perform their music with Daryl and sing some of his songs. The whole thing is videotaped and includes various conversations, a cooking segment, and dinner. It’s truly a rare situation to be in a band with a catalogue of hit songs and be in the position to play with so many other amazing artists and having it all documented on a TV show.

This season’s eight episodes consist of artists that are unbelievably diverse—classic R&B giants the O’Jays (playing “Money/Money/Money” with the guys who made the song was bucket list worthy); new R&B artist Anderson East; R&B artist Grace; hip-hop rapper/producer/songwriter Wyclef Jean; singer-songwriter and legend Kenny Loggins; new pop/rock singer-songwriter Elle King; pop/rock singer Daughtry; and the epic rock and roll of Cheap Trick!

Thank you to my companies for all their support, DW drums, Sabian cymbals, Evans drumheads and Vic Firth sticks.

For anyone who wants to check out Live From Daryl’s House, you can see us on the MTV Live channel as well as VH1 Classics.

Here are a few links from past shows with Gavin Degraw  and Sammy Hagar.


For more on Brian, visit www.briandunnedrums.com. For Hall and Oates touring info, go to www.hallandoates.com.

Photo by Mark Magglio


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