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Essence Series Drumset

Custom-shop quality at a more manageable price

Bone Custom has been handcrafting drums in Slovenia since 2005. This year it launched the Essence series, which is designed to be more affordable without sacrificing the high-end quality and bold look that Bone employs on its custom-shop kits.

Our review kit’s shells are maple (9-ply kick and 7-ply toms) and it came in contemporary sizes: 7×10 and 8×12 rack toms, a 16×16 floor tom, and an 18×22 bass drum. The outer veneer is a natural-finish bird’s-eye maple that features cool dark spots and stripes in the grain.

The hardware includes chrome beavertail lugs, 2.3 mm triple-flange steel hoops, heavy-duty spurs and floor tom legs, die-cast bass drum claws with rubber gaskets, and chunky 1.25″ black-coated-aluminum air vents. The toms are suspended on Gauger RIMS mounts, and the bass drum has an extra-deep front hoop. Advertisement

The drums are outfitted with Evans-made/Bone-branded drumheads. The toms have clear 2-ply batters and clear single-ply bottoms. The bass drum has an EQ3-type batter (2-ply with removable muffling ring) and a single-ply coated front with a 6″ port and plastic porthole protector.

Michael Dawson

For the complete review, check out the July 2016 issue, which is available here.

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