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On the Beat With Tazz Washington: Conversational Drumming

Tazz Washington

Hello MD, Tazz Washington here. I am originally from South America. I am the baby of thirteen children and my mom was an African ceremonial dancer when I was a child. Watching her and playing drums with the elders heavily influenced my expressive conversational drumming technique. My technique is also known as primal instinct.

Tazz WashingtonI started playing when I was only a year old and my mom put a coconut in front of me with a fish skin over it. Now I am revamping my band Global Affect, and the video here is a nice representation of my style of expressive conversational drumming, which involves African, Latin, and jazz drumming techniques.

I really enjoy playing world fusion jazz, although I play gospel and rock. My first love is Afro Cuban world rhythms, African rhythms, and smooth jazz.

I have over thirty years of experience playing drums. I started seriously playing professionally as a teenager. I hope you enjoy this Drum Talk TV video that is a taste of my approach to drumming. Thank you!

Watch Tazz Washington’s Drum Talk TV video here:


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