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Exclusive! Mike Portnoy Drum Cam Video for New Winery Dogs Track

The Winery Dogs, featuring drummer Mike Portnoy, bassist Billy Sheehan, and guitarist Richie Kotzen, will be releasing their new album, Hot Streak, this coming October 2. Check out this drum cam video of Portnoy recording the album’s title track from Portnoy’s “Hot Drums” Drum Cam DVD. “I got to pull out some cool grooves and have some fun with this one,” says Mike. “I even got to do my first recorded ‘rim fill’!

“I completely improvised the whole ending jam spontaneously in the studio,” Mike goes on, “as we didn’t have a real ending. Then Richie and Billy wrote parts to it to make it a more cohesive, orchestrated ending. Overall it’s a very different kind of track and feel for me—which is what exploring new music is all about!”

Look for the Winery Dogs to be on the road throughout most of 2016, and pick up Portnoy’s “Hot Drums” Drum Cam DVD available October 2, 2015 exclusively from his online store at www.mikeportnoy.com.

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