The Trap Set With Joe Wong Announces Funny Drummer Month

Drumedy — 1. A popular phrase that describes the convergence of drums and comedy. 2. Didn’t exist — until now.

The worlds of drumming and comedy finally merge in the form of Funny Drummers Month, starting August 5th on The Trap Set With Joe WongWhat is Funny Drummers Month? It’s when host Joe Wong talks to comedy icons who also happen to play the drums. It’s pretty simple, really. Simple and fun!

Funny Drummers Month will feature:

Jon Wurster (August 5) — One of rock’s most in-demand drummers, Jon’s touring and recording credits range from indie legends such as Bob Mould, Superchunk and The Mountain Goats to pop icons like Katy Perry. Although he primarily identifies as a drummer, Jon is a respected comedy writer and performer who, with partner Tom Scharpling, has created an enviable body of work on the Best Show and Sharpling and Wurster and written on multiple TV shows. The comedy duo recently released a 16 CD box set on Numero.

Fred Armisen SNL legend, co-star/co-creator of Portlandia and bandleader for Late Night With Seth Meyers. Before making the leap to comedy, Fred played in respected Chicago rock outfit Trenchmouth and Blue Man Group. Advertisement

Todd Barry — Todd is one of the top stand-up comedians of our time and has multiple comedy albums and been featured on TV shows such as Delocated, Louie and Flight Of The Conchords. Before entering the world of comedy, Todd played drums in the indie rock group The Chant and has, more recently, played with Mates Of State and Superchunk.

The Trap Set returns to its regular format on September 1st with Venzella Joy, drummer for Beyonce and Jay Z.

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