VIDEO DEMO: Paiste PSTX Series Cymbals

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Product Close-Up

Paiste PSTX Series Cymbals

Affordably priced, trashy effects hats, stacks, and crashes, plus a couple of calm, cooling bells.

The PSTX series is a complete lineup of effects cymbals designed to achieve trashy tones and clean bell sounds at very affordable prices. Models include 14″ ($151), 16″ ($192), and 18″ Swiss Thin ($232) crashes, which have holes of different sizes punched in them to produce noisier, dirtier textures. There’s also an 18″ Swiss Medium crash ($232) that provides a bit more volume and durability, a 10″ Swiss splash ($106) that blends the light, airy burst of a classic splash with the grit of the trashy Swiss crashes, and a 14″ Swiss Flanger crash ($151) that has fewer holes and is thinner so that the overtones undulate a bit after the initial explosive attack. All of the Swiss crashes are made from 2002 (B8) bronze. The Swiss line is rounded out with a 14″ Flanger Stack ($302) that comprises a brass Swiss-crash-type top and a bronze Flanger crash bottom.

The outliers in the PSTX series are 9″ ($97) and 10″ ($106) Pure Bells, which are made from aluminum (a first for Paiste) and produce a warm, pure, meditative tone with a long and even sustain. I liked hitting them once or twice after exploring the more tension-laden textures of the Swiss crashes, hi-hats, and stacker. Talk about contrast!

Check out the video demo below.

Michael Dawson

For more info on these cymbals, check out the complete review in the September 2015 issue, which is available here.

September 2015 issue with Gil Sharone