VIDEO DEMO! Slaperoo Percussion N-100 Noodle

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Slaperoo Percussion N-100 Noodle

Craving something new and unique to jump-start your creativity? Try this unusual rhythmic/melodic device.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a percussionist is the fact that we can make music with just about anything that we can think up. The imagination of one particular percussionist has been hard at work, inventing a new way to combine pitch and rhythm. The result is what Slaperoo Percussion calls the N-100 Noodle ($249). The company’s founder, Andy Graham, sent us a Noodle for review, and we had a blast figuring out different ways to create music with it.

What Is It?

The N-100 Noodle consists of a 28″-long, precision-machined aluminum housing containing a steel band that extends down the length of one side. Using a guitar-style pickup under the steel band, the N-100 puts out a signal via a standard .25″ cable. It’s a fretless instrument, so the pitch is controlled entirely by the placement of your hand or fingers on one end of the Noodle, while your other hand has the freedom to slap, tap, or hit the steel band.

The Noodle is available in brushed aluminum, cobalt blue, and black, and it has similar sonic capabilities to an electric guitar. It can be plugged into any effects pedal to alter the sound, and it can be run through any amplifier. For our review, we used a Peavey practice amp preloaded with several distinct effects. Advertisement

Learn more about the Slaperoo in the July 2015 issue, and check out a quick video demo below.

Miguel Monroy

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