Showroom: Roland TD-25KV and TD-25K V-Drums

Roland TD-25KV

Roland has added two new mid-level kits in its V-Drums lineup. Featuring the all-new TD-25 sound module, mesh-head pads, and more, these kits are said to offer serious players quality sound and expressive playability.

The TD-25KV and TD-25K kits feature Roland’s SuperNatural technology with Behavior Modeling inherited from the top-of-the-line TD-30. With sounds that respond organically to the player’s touch, the TD-25 module provides a dynamic, interactive feel. Additionally, the pads and cymbals in the TD-25KV and TD-25K kits offer a natural playability with mesh-head pads for the snare and toms with the TD-25 module supporting positional sensing on the snare.

Roland TD 25KThe TD-25KV includes two 8″ pads for rack toms and one 10″ pad for floor tom, while the more affordable TD-25K includes two 6.5″ pads for rack toms and one 8″ pad for floor tom. In addition, the TD-25KV comes with two 12″ crash cymbals, while the TD-25K includes one. Both kits also come with one 13″ ride cymbal. The cymbals offer a natural swinging motion and support chokes, bow/edge sounds on crash, and bow/edge/bell sounds on the ride. Advertisement

Mounting on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand, the V-hi-hat features up/down motion and bow/edge sounds for an authentic response. Rounding out the kits is the KD-9 kick pad, which provides a natural-feel cloth head and rock-solid playability.

The TD-25 module includes a streamlined interface that makes it easy to select and adjust sounds. A large center dial allows users to quickly choose kits based on music style, and sounds can be edited by striking a pad and using the module’s knobs to change instruments and adjust tuning, muffling, and levels. Toms can be edited as a group and changes to kits are saved automatically.

Users can play along with WAV and MP3 music tracks stored on USB memory, and songs can be slowed down or looped in specific areas to learn parts. Drumming performances, along with music playback, can be recorded as audio files to USB memory for evaluation and sharing. Additionally, users can develop their drumming skills with the convenient onboard Coach functions. Advertisement

The TD-25 sound module is equipped with a USB host port to provide a connection for recording audio and MIDI data directly into DAW software.

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