Drummer Blog: Downtrend’s J.D. Hall on Fusing Backwoods Heritage and Metal

Downtrend’s J.D. Hall

Greetings, MD readers! My last blog was back in 2010 and much has happened since then. I am currently slamming the skins for the Pikeville, Kentucky–based hard rock/metal band Downtrend. We are signed to an indie label called Vision Metal Records out of Tennessee.

We’ve been tearing up our tri-state area music scene for the last few years. We have had the honor to share the stage with numerous national acts and the band is getting ready to hit the studio to lay down some exciting new music. We incorporate elements of our Kentucky backwoods/hillbilly heritage and fuse it with metal to make for what we think is a pretty unique sound.

I’m also in the beginning stages of launching a unique, experimental solo project where I play drums, keyboards, and vocals at the same time. I will also be going in the studio to record debut music from my own project, which I call “J.D. Hall Unchained.” Advertisement

I’m looking forward to a busy year musically and seeing what’s next on the horizon. It’s nice to keep in touch with all of my fellow MD readers and drummers. Keep slamming!

Check out my official music site at And check out my 2010 Indianapolis Guitar Center drum-off entry video below:

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